Imagination is given to us.
It’s a gift and a tool.
I don’t believe the rabbits have this gift, the dog or the horse, or the eagle that soars above us or the whale the swims in the ocean, or any of the other sentient beings on this planet.
We have it.
We can use it to create incredibly positive experiences for ourselves and others or we can misuse it to destroy and harm ourselves and others, or we can waste its potential by discounting its power.
It is likely that we are unaware of our responsibility and the power of our imagination to create.
What if we became fully aware, fully responsible and fully in control of our imagination and became skilled at using it.
What would we create in this moment, in this life, in this body?
What are you imagining right now?
Imagining the past is real or that the future is all important or that you are worthy or unworthy, that you can or you can’t?
What else?
Get to know your thoughts, pay attention to your imaginings – for you are more powerful than you realise.
Nicole xo

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