Cancer Loves Casein – A Protein Found In Milk. Seriously!

MILK (or as I call it – “hormone & antibiotic pus filled bovine breast juice”) is getting real bad press at the moment.

Let’s find out why.

All other species on the planet that breast feed their young, stop drinking the milk of their mother when they are weaned.
It seems really weird to me now that we are the only species that continues to drink breast milk after the age of weaning, and even stranger to me that we are drinking the breast milk of another species.

Cancer loves casein – a protein found in milk.
“Dr. T. Colin Campbell, professor emeritus of nutritional biochemistry at Cornell University, found that the protein that consistently creates and promotes cancer is casein, which makes up about 87 percent of the protein in cow’s milk.”
OK now you’ve got my attention – I thought milk was a health food. We were taught in school to consume it every day.


I love this well written, informative and lets-get-real blog by Kris Carr on why milk is out if you want health to be in.
Kris says it all, and says it also well. Read her article and share it with your family and friends.  You’ll be getting serious about losing the milk from your life quickly.
I used to think it was totally normal to go to the fridge and help myself to a glass of the cold white stuff, to pour it on my morning cereal, colour my coffee with it and eat foods made with it.

Now it’s out, out, out!

Why did I consume products made with it every day, without ever questioning it?
And when I did question it, how come I struggled to make the switch to alternatives that are simple to make, delicious and far more beneficial to human health. (Check out this video on how to make nut milks at home and this recipe for almond milk.)
Because $165,000,000 dollars a year are spent on advertising milk and milk products, and the marketing is very very convincing.
Not true, but certainly convincing.
Milk has a great publicist!

If you want to know more about the dairy industry and it’s power to control government policy, and the food supply, then I encourage you to watch this movie.  Knowledge is power.


Be well
Nicole xo

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