Soda, Soft Drinks & Diet Drinks – Healthy Or Heart Breaking?

I lived on coke and processed chocolate for much of my late teens and early 20s.  Into my late 20s and throughout my 30s, coke and other soft drinks were my preferred liquid in addition to alcohol, especially when I was entertaining, dining out or partying. I suffered from a long list of health issues.

I understand the addiction.  I was addicted. I’m now free.

Getting out of my self imposed food jail took some time, and the key to my freedom was increasing my awareness of what certain foods and drinks were doing to my body and especially my mind, and what delicious alternatives I could have instead.

With the average American drinking around 4 cans of soda a day, with countries such as the UK, Australia and wealthy Gulf Nations closely following, and with the epidemic levels of obesity, heart disease, cancers, osteoporosis , metabolic syndrome and other lifestyle related disease on the rise in these and other countries, it’s worth considering what role sugary and artificially sweetened drinks of all kinds are playing in the global health crisis.

Here are a few quick videos to watch to get you to THINK – DRINK – THRIVE ?

Each one is short, useful and great for sharing with friends and family.  The easiest way to share it is to share this blog post.

1. Animated video – excellent for adults and especially kids. Diabetes & sugary drinks:   The Real Bears – Sugar – Soft Drinks

2. Even one a day can impact your chance of heart attack and stroke:  Diet Soda: Dangers of Diet Soda

3. How does diet soda cause weight gain? Alkaline & Acidic foods: How diet soda causes weight gain

what-happens-when-you-drink-soda-info-graphicImage courtesy of

Heal yourself and your families health by avoiding this toxic poison at all costs.  Boost your health by doing a gentle detox. Replace toxic drinks with life giving green smoothies.

Nicole xo

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