Almond milk – an easy alternative to bovine breast juice

Sick of cow milk or is cow milk making you sick?

This is how to make an easy, delicious, nutritious alternative to cow milk, that will give you health and energy, without the hormones, antibiotics and pus that can be a part of drinking bovine breast juice.

When I started on my Clean Up health journey I had no idea how dairy complicated my health and compromised my healing. When I did my research I discovered more than I bargained for.
In the beginning I bought organic, no-sugar added packaged almond milk and when I gained a bit more confidence in the kitchen I began to make my own. I was super surprised how easy it was.

Try the simple recipe in the video above and when you are ready for more about the hazards of drinking pasteurised, homogenised, bovine (cow) milk click on the links below:

Dairy – the great debate
Cancer loves casein – a protein in cow milk

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