Capture the moment

I am grateful for selfies and shutter-bug friends – for all the memories we make, capture, share and remember 

Life moves quickly. A moment happens. Then we rush onto the next distraction, perhaps never fully appreciating the full depth and wealth of what has just passed.

Capture the moment in a photo. ?
Make time to review, to savour, to revisit in the privacy of your mind at the end of a day, write in a journal, recreate it as art or music, retell moments in stories over dinner and around the camp fire together ?

While my mother lay in her death bed, surrounded by those of us she loved the most, we watched a video made by my eldest brother Hendrikus (Rick). It was a collection of photos taken over nearly 80 years of my mother’s life. Some were crinkled old images taken on ancient black and white cameras and scanned into the computer, some were high resolution colour images taken on the latest iPhone, but all were my mother. Her smile, her evolving style, her craft, her celebrations, her people, her adventures, her garden, her life. I was so grateful that throughout the decades she made sure that at every major and often at minor family gatherings she had either happily posed for or snapped a photo of the moment. Before my eyes over 300 photos my mother grew as a young child, into a woman, into a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Forever remembered in small moments captured little by little for all of us to remember and celebrate.

At my mother’s wake, the video was played for a packed house full of well wishers and the video now contained over 600 photos. A labour of love created by her oldest son, but one that she had made possible over decades of posing and smiling for countless snaps. As the video played, there were tears, and smiles and sighs and a few giggles, but mostly a great, deep gratitude for being able to bear witness her presence on this earth and to remember her in many wonderful ways through these images.

Life is short. Life is fast. Life is a collection of moments. Capture them.
Don’t shy away from the camera – embrace it.
Do it for you.
If not for you, then do it for those of us who celebrate you and will remember you.

Nicole xo

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