Watch out for the Rhino and the mushroom

Going for a walk around the reserve is a dangerous activity. There’s a wild black Rhino in the park and he’s a beast in more ways than one. There used to be 6 white rhino’s in the park too, but the bad ass black rhino killed them all. My husband says “black rhinos are born angry and pissed off at the world”.

Black & White Rhinos Image courtesy of

Black & White Rhinos
Image courtesy of

So as we move around the reserve on our daily walks, we are more than a little on alert for any signs of “the beast” from track marks in the dirt, dry fibrous dung, broken branches on trees and the ever present threat that we might actually see the rhino in the flesh. Not something I want to see unless I’m at a far distance, in a truck and armed with a meaningful weapon with a shot more powerful than my iPhone camera.

We scan the horizon, remark to each other the tell tale signs that the rhino has been around, and generally remain on high alert. Not only do we need to consider the rhino, but there are Buffalo, Kudu, Eland, Tsessebe, Hartebeest and other herds of wild African antelope and lots and lots of various animals with tusks, fangs, teeth and spikes to watch out for.

With all my attention going to make sure I didn’t end up with a life-limiting experience, I almost missed out on the magic of the mushrooms. These five little beauties were growing out of an active termite mound. These particular mushrooms only grow under special conditions – they need just the right amount of rainfall, the right temperature, the right this and that, and here they were just quietly presenting me with an opportunity to stop, breathe, forget my fears, marvel at nature and the synergy between termite and termitomyces fungus.

On this #MindSetMonday I took some time to reflect on what else in my life am I focusing on that is interfering with magic mushroom moments.
What am I fearing is out there that I see signs of but can’t actually see, that might cause me harm, that might never happen, that I can’t control.
How much of my mind space is filled with the multitude of positive potentialities that exist all the time, every where, right in front of me.
And on this day I recommitted myself to seeing the magic in the moment and be just as alert for the mushroom as I am for the rhino.

Nicole xo

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