The first step to success is to decide every day to do this

I joined Forever Living on the 28th March 2012 and fell in love with the Clean 9 program.
I achieved Manager level in 3 months even though I didn’t understand the marketing plan and focused solely on serving my customers and teaching my team the one product.
I achieved Eagle Manager qualification in 2015, when I shifted my focus from serving my customers to serving my team, and was rewarded with an all expenses paid trip for two to Cancun in Mexico.

I’ve always continued with my business at my own pace, working it around my other commitments, learning as I worked, overcoming challenges of building my business in a country where we faced widely fluctuating product supplies including a year without any products, and kept going even a tiny bit forward when life gave me many challenges (including changing countries and the loss of several loved ones including my mum in an 18 month period).

I work on my mindset as my highest priority each day, take personal responsibility for my success, celebrate even the smallest of moves forward in my inner game or my business, express gratitude for everyone who helps or challenges me along the way, actively turn away from negativity in whatever form it comes and focus on healthy sources of influence, and I say a hearty YES to helping my customers, my team and as many people as I can. Every day.

If you want to be successful in this business it isn’t about speed, it isn’t about luck, it isn’t about anyone else or anything outside of yourself. It is about you and what you decide to do every day.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business journey now is the time to decide to take the first next step. That’s all you need to do. Each day, in some way, take a step. Grow your business from the inside out and at your own pace every day. Learn something, try something, do something, serve someone and keep deciding each day that you will make this same decision to work on you and your business.

After all you and your dreams are worth working on no matter how long it takes.

Nicole xo

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