Not True! I only need to do a cleanse if I eat poorly or if I want to lose weight

I asked someone yesterday if they were going to join me on my 9 day cleanse.
Her response was “You don’t need to do a cleanse because you eat healthy and don’t have to lose weight”.
Ah I said, but of course I need a cleanse and explained to her that it has nothing to do with losing weight for me (although that may be a healthy side-effect) it was all about giving myself more of these benefits:

– Energy – natural
– Mental clarity
– Boost natural healing and slow / reverse ageing
– Inner calm & emotional balance
– Cravings go away
– Heal addictions
– Want more good food
– Absorb more nutrients
– Change habits
– Healthy poo daily
– Great skin & hair

So much more! 

Well I’m not going to share with you which ones on this list are my top priorities, but a little more of each of these will be very welcome in my life.

My personal 17kg weight loss journey and the discovery of my health is wealth story that I share with the world, happened because I did a series of different cleansing programs.

Now I do a simple 9 day cleanse once every quarter as part of my sustainable success strategy, and when I really need to get my mind and body back in balance, focus more on self-care and treat myself well.

There are many cleansing programs, some are highly complex and intricate and not every program suits everyone. Others are simple and will suit most everyone.
I recommend the ones that work.
I coach people through them.
My cleansing programs are for everyone who wants to look better, and feel better regardless of their lifestyle or if they want to lose weight or not.

If you want more, more of the health and joy and abundance that you deserve, then let’s do a cleanse together.

Nicole xo
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