Release your words

I have two major gifts – my mouth and my words. Sometimes I need to write. To agonise over the layout, the format, the form, the substance and other times the flow needs to come from mouth and not my fingertips.

I was writing a new home page for my website and my advisers were telling me to speak to my avatar, to keep it short and get them to click on a button and buy my offerings. So I spoke to my avatar, in words and told them a story by typing it out. I stayed up late writing and crafting it just so nicely. It flowed well and I went to bed. When I woke in the morning I felt released but my voice needed expression in a different way and so I recorded a voice message to my avatar. It flowed from the heart and it’s powerful. It’s me in my full force.


      You are ready

If you are struggling to write your book, maybe you are better to record your book and let someone else confine it to the paper. Release your message through your words into the air. It will land where it needs to rest. Trust and let go.

Nicole xo

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