5 things I learned from Arianna Huffington & Dr Christiane Northrup

BOOM! So much value in this interview – 5 things I took from Arianna Huffington & Dr. Christiane Northrup:

1. We must practice the CAUSES OF HEALTH.  Food to keep insulin low, keep our fascia stretched and hydrated, move!, elevated cognition, exhaulted emotion, don’t state your age

2. COMMUNITY is key. Create a thrive tribe. Don’t wait. We need community now to thrive!

3. SHAME doesn’t exist in light or in humour. Talk about it – bring light to it.

4. The earth itself is anti-inflammatory. GROUND yourself on the earth every day

5. PubMed has over 2,000 lists cases of SPONTANEOUS REMISSION from terminal cancer but does not include what the patients did to achieve this.

There are more gems – so watch the video and focus on the content (not the sound quality).
Nicole xo

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