Shingles, endings, beginnings, new year meanings

Holy crapoli (let that not offend anyone) – it appears that I have shingles!
My skin is prickling from the inside out, my nerves are tingling not in a pleasant way and I have a rash with blisters on my back and torso.
A result of prolonged stress compromising my immune system and triggering the resurfacing of the dormant varicella-zoster virus (see health info link below). If you’ve had chicken pox then you know this virus intimately.

This has been one hell of a year of endings, letting go, delayering, resurfacing, grounding, reconnecting, re-establishing, re-aligning and unveiling.
Apparently the “end of a cycle” is a thing for a 9 year in numerology (it’s numbers, I don’t understand it but if you are interested see info link below).
That seems to make sense in the context of the 60 famous figures that died this year (including George Michael, David Bowie, Fidel Castro, Prince, Gene Wilder, Shimon Perez, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Leonard Cohen, Nancy Reagan, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Mavin Minsky – MIT Professor & father of artificial intelligence, and the loved ones closer to home who transitioned too.
Could my physical symptoms be in some way a manifestation of my personal 9 year of resurfacing, endings and letting go?
How’s your year been?

2017 bodes well for me with financial gains a plenty (see the horoscope predictions below for Capricorns) and whether the stars are truly going to align for my sign or not – I’m keen to believe fully in it if it benefits me.
It’s also a 1 year in numerology and great for new beginnings and this seems to resonate well with the number of “pregnancy” announcements I’ve seen on Facebook this week alone, and for the group coaching programs I will also birth in the new year.
What’s in store for you this coming year?

A few days back I felt compelled to restart my More Raw & Detox group and to share with others how adding in more raw foods in little ways each day and detoxing regularly can profoundly change your health, body and even the direction of your life (as it has done mine) and I wonder how all I’ve experienced up to this point is positioning me for the most incredible next stage of my journey into a 1 year.

But for now, I’m simply going to choose to drink this bottle of champagne and sit by the river (instead of downing the pharmaceutical painkillers suggested), and go with the flow.

Whatever you choose to do, eat, drink, think, be, believe as this year comes to an ending, I wish you joy, gratitude and unlimited abundance as the new year begins for you.

Love and light.
Nicole xo…

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