How to set goals for a Hot & Healthy 2017

Time is precious, it’s one of my most valuable resources and it’s limited. So I need be sure that I’m investing it wisely.

I took nearly 2 weeks to write and refine my business life goals for 2017. Some of them are new, some are enhancements and progression of goals I have been working on during 2016 and some are old ones re-added as they need to be focused on with intention again.

I wrote my goals, let them sit for a few days and reviewed them again in the light of New Years day. I adjusted a few as I had greater clarity over what was really important to me to focus my time, energy and efforts on in the new year and would be most likely to help me to create and live the life I desire – my definition of success.

This year I am resolute that I will:
✔️Eat more fat
✔️Grow younger
✔️Use my special dinner set once a week for no special reason
✔️4hr work day 
✔️Dawn – 9:30pm
✔️Play more, stress less
✔️Move more, sit less
✔️20mins daily bare feet on the earth
✔️Drink higher quality champagne ?
✔️Less screen, more books
✔️Eat more raw chocolate
✔️Green smoothie each day
✔️Stay present in the space between the event and my response to it
✔️Make more money
✔️Help more people
✔️Stay connected with loved ones
✔️Kiss more, hug longer
✔️Love being me more
✔️Powerful collaborations
✔️Honour my daily success rituals
✔️Detox once a quarter
✔️Daily self-care, to serve more from overflow instead of reserves
✔️Live in radical amazement

I have a coach who I work with on a fortnightly basis to ensure I am made accountable for taking aligned action consistently and celebrate progress not perfection.
I also have my goals written on a poster beside my bed (with some powerful images included to aid in visualisation), posted on the wall in my office and I have included them in my morning success rituals.

Oh and I also shared them with you – so I’ve made a public statement of them for extra accountability. Thank you 🙂

Over the first week of January I am working through defining specific and measureable goals for each of my business related goals. This can be a tough process to work through, but worth every moment.
Once they are done I can then more closely align my daily actions, weekly / monthly plans and reviews so that I can strategically allocate resources to achieve them, set rewards for myself and avoid wasting precious time and money being off track.
I would go through this process when I worked in the corporate world, and now that I work for myself this discipline is even more critical to my Hot & Healthy Business Life.

What are your goals this year? Have you set some? Many, a few, one or two?
Here are 5 simple but powerful goals you can use for a Hot & Healthy 2017.

Or how about just one goal – to drink a daily green smoothie like this one!
Banana, flax seed & cranberry mix, frozen banana, climbing spinach, almond milk.
For more recipes join our More Raw & Detox group here: Join

What is your track record in keeping on sticking with your goals throughout the year?
What techniques do you use to keep yourself on track?

Need some help? Reach out to me for a Power Session, where we’ll explore what you want, set some clear and achievable goals, and explore powerful simple ways you can achieve them this year.
Complete the Power Session Questionnaire here and lets get you set up for a Hot & Healthy 2017.

Nicole xo

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