5 easy ways to skip the coffee and get wired at work

On average, around 3.1 cups of coffee are consumed daily by office workers, people world-wide drink coffee or some form of caffeine to avoid the mid-afternoon energy slump. And, although caffeine is generally accepted as safe for consumption and recognised for its obvious well-known “perk me up power” benefits, there are some health disadvantages associated, too.

Coffee is a substance but we will use the term “drug” in this blog. Imagine depending on a “drug” to function normally or even to stay awake? And how it soon becomes addictive and the vicious circle begins… Not only that, it is well-known to create gastro-intestinal distress (dehydration), acidity and adrenal fatigue (decrease in the adrenal glands). But not only that, it can affect the brain and trick it into thinking things it wouldn’t normally, it can cause anxiety and panic attacks and even psychosis such as hallucinations and delusions. Have I got you thinking?

Well, with these five alternative, healthier ways you can still enjoy coffee whilst cranking up your performance and boosting your metabolism. It’s a win, win all round.

  1. Try drinking some shrooms – Four Sigmatic’s mushroom coffee is instant, rich and smooth with chaga mushrooms and either lion’s mane or cordycep mushrooms. All the benefits like coffee only minus the jitter. And, from my research, if it’s good enough for Tim Ferris (author of the “4-hour week” and the “4-hour body”), it will be worth the purchase.

Put the “boring” coffee into the bin and check out this funky brew.

  1. Liquid alternatives – Keep your desk topped up with a variety of herbal tea bags, drink a couple of glasses of water with a dash of lemon or even coconut water to make it more exciting, or go for Kombucha tea as it helps gut bacteria. It doesn’t have to be boring there are a string of liquids you can try. For every cup of coffee consumed the body must intake four glasses of water to regain the hydration levels. Imagine what that is doing to your body?
  1. Smoking – If you smoke you’ll know it’s hard to break the routine but try taking a 10-minute virtual smoking break, pop outside for a “smoke” but ditch the cigarette. You know, by going outside for a “smoke” it will give you time to refocus, provide possible solutions to problems by talking to colleagues or just taking a moment to breathe in the fresh air and discuss issues of mutual interest. This approach will no doubt give you a spring in your step and make you more productive in the office. Coffee who?

    Portrait of beautiful businesswoman sitting at office and writing to her diary while working online.

  2. Day dream your vision board – A simple yet powerful visualisation tool that activates the law of attraction to begin turning your dreams into reality. So, why would you want to use coffee as a stimulation when your dreams can boost your energy for free, and without comprising your health too. It’s a no brainer really.
  1. Chocolate vs coffee – Yep, choose chocolate instead! And nope, your eyes aren’t playing games either! Dark chocolate is in fact a good source of the mineral magnesium which needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including breaking down glucose into energy. But to clear up any confusion I’m talking about raw dark chocolate and not the processed rubbish you find on store shelves.I often rustle some up at home and its easy with a couple of basic ingredients (see my raw chocolate recipe here: https://nicolevanhattem.com/2016/03/07/raw-chocolate/
    But, even if you are in a hurry and need energy right away, pick up a pre-made bar of raw dark chocolate. Great brands I reach for are: Pana Chocolate and Loving Earth.

Quitting coffee will break the cycle and will free you from your daily “drug” habit to function normally. But, I’m not saying you must quit coffee altogether, as mentioned earlier in this blog there are several health pros associated with it but, any more than four cups a day is too much and I encourage you to have a rethink what you’re doing to your body.

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Nicole xo

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Annette Poke - February 2, 2017

Hi Nicole.
Great article. May I share? xxxx

    Nicole van Hattem - February 3, 2017

    Annette thank you and yes please do.
    Nicole xo

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