Engineer your body for better performance with this biohack for detoxing

One of the first raw food chefs in the world in the 1990s, Melanie Proctor is the owner and founder of Phuket Cleanse, which has hit the world by storm … so it is no wonder that TripAdvisor has rated it as Thailand’s leading health retreat.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Melanie who shared with me her personal journey of how she found her own purpose and passion, plus how she has worked out a cleansing system to biohacking the body’s engineering that results in a better performance all round.

What is biohacking?

It is managing your own biology using medical, nutritional, physical, or electronic techniques so ultimately, it is a system-based approach to managing your body. Interval training and high intensity workouts are key to our evolutionary biological engineering.

The importance of interval training at high intensities for short periods – as it activates the body’s production of glutathione, which is a very simple molecule that may well be the most important molecule you need to stay hotter and healthier in your business.

It’s key for preventing ageing, cancer, heart disease, dementia and other chronic diseases giving you a longer and healther life.

Think of it like this… when you are at the gym or doing some form of exercise you get to a point when your body wants to give up and failure kicks in, but by pushing and forcing your body for 15 seconds extra you push yourself harder and harder.

Melanie continued to say, “whatever your workout is, take yourself to the place where your body has failed, in good form and safe form, and push past it for maybe another minute or so, and the body will upregulate all these incredible detoxification chemicals, fitness hormones, all these great things.

It was also clear during our interview (you can hear it on the podcast here! that not all detox, cleanse or fitness programs are suitable for everyone who wants to get healthier and perform at a higher level for longer, and physical workouts are only a small part of the system to biohacking for health.

It is essential that every individual has the knowledge and coaching to define their own program that suits their health and fitness levels.

Melanie says –  “it’s about having a balance – a little bit on the old pattern, understanding the cycle, interrupting cycle, and then spending more time building the new patterns of behaviour, or thought, or just showing up in life, like I did.”

My top 5 tips to biohacking your performance are:

  1. Cleanse regularly
  2. Reduce inflammatory foods such as bread and dairy
  3. Introduce nuts and seeds
  4. Eat high-quality raw foods containing lots of water
  5. Utilise the benefits of high intensity, short duration exercises and ice baths

Extra tip: Don’t be afraid of change

Sharing your personal story is good for the soul, so get it out and release it. Learn the patterns of behaviours that may be limiting your performance and use that to learn new patterns and move forward to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Or failing all of that, and if you need help, turn to a coach who can guide you through the process and help you stay accountable for change. They may start with walking and other things, to get the inflammation down before they do that, if they are highly inflamed and have high cortisol levels.

One last message from Melanie…

“Follow your highest excitement and every given moment among all options available because excitement is you. It’s your true personality. Every time you feel excitement, you’re feeling your soul, your true self shining through you, and it’s trying to say, “Go that way. Do that. That’s what I want to do,” and when you do, this kind of synchronicity is absolutely normal.”

If you are a business professional stuck in a rut and want to learn how to implement these techniques into your daily routine, hook up with me and let’s get started. Book in for your Power Session now and use the promo code: “Hot Blog” to save $150 on your session.

MUST LISTEN: Here is the full interview. Tune in and share the show! Hot & Healthy Podcast interview with Melanie Proctor


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