Supermodel CEO shares her secrets to success in your 70s

Once the most highly paid supermodel in the world, Sunny Griffin now in her 70’s and Founder / CEO of Astara skincare has very strong opinions about what keeps her fit, healthy and at the top of her game.

Live life the natural way. Self care is top priority. Eat 70 per cent raw food in your diet daily, detox mind and body regularly and move, move, move.

How much raw food do you have in your diet? This is one of the biggest issues people have when it comes living a life of health, happiness and success. And it all comes down to how eating raw food can change your life and make you hotter and healthier.

Sunny is an incredible woman who also uses her own healing success after being involved in a near-fatal accident in Thailand to help and inspire others to eat more raw food and detox regularly. Sunny shared her story with me on my podcast “Hot and Healthy” (tune in the episode here: Sunny Griffin). When Sunny was 69 she broke her back in three places and pulverised her neck, and was forced into a metal brace for months – and it was through raw food that she healed in record time … much to the astonishment of doctors and nurses.

Her journey is one that demonstrates that no matter how old you are you can heal if you give your body what it needs to rebuild itself. In Sunny’s case, this was excellent medical treatment, a strong support network of positive people around her, rest, mind practices and the critical element of high quality raw foods.

If you are like most busy people, you might not have the time to research and understand the true benefits of eating more raw foods. But, if you do or can make time, you will see how increasing the amount of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, fermented foods into every meal can be a key element that helps you to not survive but to truly thrive in life and business.

I first met Sunny in Thailand where I joined her for a hike. Being 30 years younger I could not believe this 70-year-old lady was out walking me. She beat me hands down on energy levels, was less out of breath than I was and her recovery time was much quicker. I was totally amazed and inspired … “I want to be where she is”.

Sunny says she came from an obese family and it got me thinking… it doesn’t matter what our genetic inheritance is, we all should take responsibility for learning how to nourish and use our body and minds to achieve our health goals. Our genetic blueprint is only a small part of the picture of health.

It is never too late to educate yourself to thrive and recover well from life’s stressors, which ultimately, will make business life a lot easier.

“We’re very powerful beings, we need to tune into that, and then we do stay rejuvenated and regenerated. It’s not perfect, life is never perfect, but there are things we can do, and I think the biggest one is taking responsibility, ourselves, and not blaming others.”

A year in the life of Sunny

Spending six months of the year in Telluride, Colorado, and six months in Thailand where she runs her global botanical skincare company, Astara, it’s evident she lives a healthy life. But Sunny also uses her experiences to teach others by giving classes in person and online to anyone who is interested in eating more life-giving foods.

Not only is she a global supermodel but a role model too, who is willing to teach us all a thing or two about how to age younger as your grow older.

Turning RAW … do it today

For optimal digestion, energy and health introduce more vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, superfoods and fermented foods to your diet to nourish yourself, along with juice fasting and regular cleanses to rejuvenate your body on a regular basis.

Sunny is living proof of the benefits associated with this type of diet. “Raw food is medicine without any side effects,” Sunny says during the interview.

Try this mind and body exercise

As busy people, we don’t always have time to exercise but it is paramount to our health and sustainable success. There are so many different exercise techniques out there, so find an exercise you enjoy as you are more than likely to continue with it.

Exercise doesn’t have to be about taking your body for a workout, try taking your brain for a walk too. Even taking a 30-minute walk away from your desk can help.

Mental exercises can be fun, so surround yourself with a good environment with people who uplift and encourage you because nourishing your body and mind are equally as important.

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