Top 5 Tips: How the right home can help you avoid burnout!

In the fast paced world of business, the need for a quiet place to return to at the end of each day is vital.

With the constant hustle of deals to broker, meetings and appointments, managing staff, work travel, and the myriad of details successful business people juggle on a daily basis, it is important to know you can step securely from that world …and into your own private sanctuary at home.

So many factors can affect a person’s ability to relax and recharge, but we’ll look at my top 3.

1) Location

It might seem obvious but people buy homes for different reasons. Perhaps you found a home which you loved but unfortunately it backs onto a busy four lane road. The noise factor was discounted at the time of purchase in favour of the other highly desirable features.

But since you’ve moved in that noise factor has escalated, destroying any hope of this being the home of your dreams.

This is where the use of a buyer’s agent when looking for that perfect home is invaluable. They will save on your most precious resource – TIME.  And ensure that you buy the correct home to suit your needs.

2) Lifestyle options –

Are you located close to cafes and restaurants so that you can occasionally work there and enjoy a change of pace and scenery?

Have you considered buying close to the beach, so that a morning walk will help you discharge all the positive ions accumulated on a daily basis? Or perhaps an early morning surf would be your ideal start to the day.
3) Floorplan-

The layout is another important consideration. Many businesses are run from home today so a dedicated or separate home office can offer a refuge from the hustle and bustle of family life.  Is it positioned in the most effective part of the house for you?

Does it have a relaxing and inviting outlook- perhaps to encourage you to step outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine?

Is a pool a consideration for you – or would it be one more thing to maintain?

One of my clients opted for an outdoor spa instead: heated and with extra jets fitted in strategic places to help massage away the worries of the day. They landscaped to create a Japanese garden and it’s the perfect place for meditation and relaxation.

4) Colour Psychology

I’ve just discovered this modality and believe it’s vital in creating a home that provides the perfect balance of colours you and your partner both love.

Colour affects us on so many levels. By discovering which are your dominant colours and which are the ones you least like, the therapist is able to select the ideal paint colours to ensure a peaceful and harmonious home for all the family members.

This little gem is a relationship saver!

5) Feng Shui-

This ancient modality has at its core the need for a smooth flow of energy. Just as energy flows through our bodies, so too it needs to flow through your home to create health, wealth and harmony.

Blockages of this energy are seen as obstacles in different areas of your life. There are numerous practitioners available for consultation.

Quite often though, it’s simply a case of repositioning furniture or rearranging rooms.  A good home stager can also help with this as they have the knowledge and understanding as to what makes the home work more efficiently and harmoniously for the entire family.

After all, at the end of a long day, all anyone wants is to be able to retire and recharge in a tranquil and beautiful home.  You deserve nothing less.

For more information on colour psychology, buyer’s agents or home stagers feel free to contact me.


Lorena Chiappara is a home selling specialist and author. She works with clients who are looking for a positive real estate experience and  a premium sales price.  She is adamant that proper presentation of your home for sale is the only way to achieve phenomenal results. And as such provides a system to show them how to increase that price by using her team of professionals to take their property to a whole new level. This has meant her clients have consistently achieved far higher sales prices – often setting record street prices.
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Great blog Nicole and guest blogger Lorena.

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