5 secrets to success at work that may surprise you

You really want to succeed, so you are throwing your heart and soul into your job, working the long hours and going above and beyond. Not seeing the results? Here are 5 keys to achieving the success you crave in both work and life.

In our society an idea exists that working harder and longer means that we are working better and that success will be achieved. But when you think about it… how does that make any sense?

Put your oxygen mask on first

When you get on an airline they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping the people around you. This makes sense. You make sure that you are healthy so that you are in the best state to be helping others. So why is it that in a professional context this logic disappears? Society somehow expects that the person without an oxygen mask, gasping for air, and about to pass out is the person who will be able to do the best job and that somehow making sacrifices to their own health and wellbeing will give them the competitive edge.

Where do you rank?

It doesn’t make any sense, yet somehow most of us get caught up in this way of thinking. We see what the people around us are doing and we follow suit, not wanting to ‘fall behind’.

In my recent podcast interview with Sally McMahon, CEO of Fit for Work Australia (tune in here: Fit for Work), she observed that “unhealthy has become the new normal”. If on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 equals sick and 10 is healthy, most of us are operating at 5, which isn’t ‘sick’ but it is definitely not healthy.
Success at work will not come by operating at 5. So let’s strive to get as close to a 10 as we possibly can by taking on responsibility for our health both in and out of the workplace.

Success that starts beyond the desk

  1. Sleep Smart
    The thing that has the greatest impact on our health is sleep and thankfully it is one of the easiest health changes that we can make. When we sleep deeply we consolidate memory, our cells rejuvenate, and prevent fat from collecting around our middle – that’s right, a lack of sleep leads to weight gain. Most of us need around 7 to 9 hours a night, yet many of us only get about 4 or 5. Download the podcast (Fit for Work) for some tips on how to get lots of quality sleep.
  2. Eat Smarter
    Try to incorporate a healthy diet of unprocessed foods into your home and work life. Make sure that you have a hearty breakfast, pack a healthy lunch for work, and try to keep meals light in the evening. Before you know it you, and your family, will feel healthier and more energetic.
  3. Exercise It is often very hard to find the motivation to go to the gym in the evenings or early mornings. If this is your struggle, start small. Do 10 to 30 minutes of yoga in the morning to help wake you up and get ready for the day (I would recommend this YouTube series; it’s a great for beginners! (Yoga for everyone) or maybe go for a short walk around the block in the evening. Every little bit counts!
  4. Prioritise your relationships If your work life is going great, but your relationships with your friends and family are strained or struggling, it is very hard to feel happy and to put your best foot forward at work.  Use your evenings and weekends as time for you and your loved ones to spend time catching up with each other’s lives, having fun, and relaxing together. These moments can make the biggest difference to the health of your relationships, and therefore your overall happiness and wellbeing.
  5. Knockout negative thinking
    Having negative thoughts and feelings is an unavoidable part of being human, but dwelling on the negativity can drain your energy and increase your insecurities. Adopting positive thinking and taking on practices that encourage positive thoughts (‘How high do you want to fly today’ blog) can improve your sleep, increase your immunity, increase your self-esteem, and increase your chances at success.

Switch up your style

It’s time to take responsibility for your success by taking responsibility for your health. If you are interested in having the best quality of life, do your research into how your mind and body work and take some personal responsibility for implementing the style of life that supports them functioning at the highest possible level that they can.

Don’t dismiss your own health and wellbeing because you’re too busy or too overwhelmed. Put your oxygen mask on first so that you can be your best self not only at work, but in every other part of your life.

If you are ready to master a healthy model for success, book a complimentary Holistic Coaching call with me today.

Nicole xo



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