Easiest way to fix your relationship with food and lose weight at work

Fix your relationship with food

Question: What’s your relationship like with food? Maybe it’s time to introduce more plants to your diet? Like my podcast guest Joe Cross, the creator and director of the hit movie “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” and “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2” . On the show he described how his own health journey had been the main trigger for his determination to share his story about “how he saved his own life”.

Back then

Joe was a hard-working guy who enjoyed living his life in the fast lane. After leaving school he threw himself into a corporate finance career, earning tonnes of money. You could say he was living the dream. But what Joe didn’t realise by giving mother nature the cold shoulder he was very slowly killing himself and karma soon caught up with him. He put on about 45kg, experienced a string of illnesses, coupled with daily medication dosages. In a nutshell, he had basically sold his health to the medical profession but he did all this in his pursuit of success.

He knew he had to do something and found the courage to realise what the problem was, what was making him ill and what changes had to be made. It was him that had to change, no one else.

In my interview with Joe, he said:

To me, it wasn’t about losing weight. It was more about getting my health back on track and not being sick. So, I had to get my cholesterol, my blood pressure and my pre-diabetes under control because these were the problems.

“Once you start going down a path of your own concoctions it’s a slippery slope before its game over.”

The health profession

After eight years of outsourcing his health to doctors and pharmaceuticals, Joe realised he wasn’t getting better and the medication was only masking the symptoms and pain – it wasn’t fixing the problem. He had to take responsibility for his own health journey to become a better, healthier person. He also said in the interview:

“I’m probably more fortunate that my illness manifested the way it did and caused pain. I think many people might have their own manifest going on inside where they don’t feel the pain and therefore keep going.”

Healing yourself with plant-based food

From listening to Joe, I think part of the recovery process is to heal yourself and fix your relationship with food. Joe compared his relationship with food to the relationships he had with people, and he figured some are beneficial, some can be improved and some need to be thrown in the bin, just like with food. So, he turned to mother nature and started introducing plant-based food into his diet.

It doesn’t have to be boring and regimented either. Stick to a plan, like Joe does… “We need to all walk around with this awareness that, ‘boy, I’m just going to get my plants in the mid of the day so I can deserve the right to go and have that pasta, pizza, burger or steak, or fish…or whatever, you know?’,” Joe says.

>>My hot tip: Why not introduce plants into your diet? Focus on eating lots of plants until lunch time and make great food choices for the rest of the day. Juicing is a great way to mix up your daily intake of plants and your body will remain hydrated too. Juice at home and bring it to work, set up a juicing station in the office or order fresh (no sugar added) juices delivered to right to your desk from your favourite supplier.


Become comfortable being you. And remember what you put into life is what you will get back, just like it did with Joe. But finding the right balance is paramount. Joe finished off saying:

“Being successful is really about being comfortable in your own skin and being confident as to who you are and happy of your achievements but not to rest on your laurels.”

>>My hot tip: As food is part of the solution, change your diet and adopt a positive mental attitude, focus on wins, massage, yoga, meditation as lots of movement and exercise is also a key strategy to incorporate.

If you are ready to master your relationship with food and gain control over your weight forever, book a Holistic Coaching call with me today.

Nicole xo

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