How I saved $270 buying almond milk

It’s worth getting to know your local farmers markets, bulk buy shop deals, and even online ordering options. It will take you a bit of time but could save you a small fortune in the long run.

I saved $270 just on this 1 item in my pantry! Here’s how.

1 litre of good quality* almond milk at the wholesale shop is $3.15 (AUD), which is a saving of up to $0.50 per litre on the retail shops such as Coles.
If I buy 12×1 litre boxes at one time, the store gives me 5% discount and saves me and extra $0.15 per box.
Total savings of $0.65 per litre.
I use on average 8 litres of almond milk a week (in smoothies**, hot chocolate, cow milk replacement in recipes).
8 litres x 52 weeks x $0.65 = $270.40 per year SAVINGS
Shop around for a great price and a good deal. It’s worth your time and think of what else you could spend $240 on.

*(7% almonds, organic, activated almonds, no sugar and no seed/vegetable oils added)**Grab the 14 day smoothie recipe guide here

For those in Brisbane and Ipswich – check out for their bulk buy discounts.
Nicole xo

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