The conversation you need to have if you’re dying behind your desk.

I was Head of Human Resources at an international bank. I had 27 staff reporting to me, a boss I adored, work that I loved, a company brand that had a strong global reputation. I earned big tax free dollars and generous performance bonuses, holidaying in exotic locations and living a 5 star lifestyle.
I was also fat and sick.
Stressed to the eyeballs, I had no energy, no time, my marriage was in trouble, and I cried myself to sleep most nights.
Then I had a conversation with myself.
A difficult conversation and one that I had been avoiding for sometime.
This work lifestyle is no longer working for me, it’s working against me.
I’m slowly dying behind this desk.
I’m barely surviving. I want to thrive not just survive.
I’m ready to do things differently.
From this came a simple decision but not an easy one. It was time to do something different, to let go of the high-flying corporate career and trust that my ego would survive!
In 2010 I let go and retrained as a holistic health coach.
I ran food classes in my kitchen. I had a couple of clients.
I delivered wellness workshops in my lounge room.
I kept learning, kept sharing, kept coaching and speaking to public groups, corporate clients and on stages big and small.
Now I’m a 3 x bestselling author, TEDx speaker, have been featured on the cover of 2 international magazines, interviewed live on Al Jazeera TV with 50million viewers, host a podcast with over 42,000 downloads and coach clients all over the world.
More importantly I’ve healed and helped thousands of people around the world to heal their own lives.
None of this would have happened if I had allowed myself to continue to die behind my desk.
If you’ve ever felt like I did, working in a job that you love but that is costing you your health and compromising what is truly important to you, then let’s start a conversation.
If you’re a woman in business and you’ve begun the journey of moving out from behind your desk and you’re finding it challenging to keep taking steps forward, let’s talk.
One conversation can truly change your life.
Nicole xo

Become a holistic health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition  (find out about the course here).

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