Stand up and show up in life – now is the time to RISE

FACT: To become an effective leader of the future, we must value ourselves highly and know the difference between a success strategy and personal sustainability.

In a Hot and Healthy Podcast Show interview I had the pleasure of speaking to Rachel Petero who I have personally crossed paths with. Rachel is a HR professional, a keynote speaker and a transformational coach. She is a true inspiration to all her fans, including myself.

I often find myself stalking Rachel on social media because her messages are upbeat and focused on how to thrive, which I think is something we all look to achieve in life. Let’s face it, who wants to just “survive” in life?

I certainly don’t; I want to thrive, I want more success and I want to help others achieve this also. I am sure as a business professional you want the same, right?

Rachel is also the founder of RISE2025 and her aim over the next decade is to help 100,000 women and girls learn techniques to become a leader in their field – and she uses the RISE program as an example of her own worth and being in life.

The training program, approved by International Coach Federation, looks at leadership from a coaching perspective.

“I believe new world leaders need to be coached or they need to acquire the skills and techniques. And, I think RISE is fulfilling a purpose of what I see is my purpose here, which I put that into just a simple statement is to really develop purposeful leaders within RISE to empower many,” she says.

Embrace the change within

I know personally change comes from within, but together we can empower and support each other to rise to the highest mountain. But everyone should go on a road to self-discovery and learn the skills and techniques for new world leadership.

And, I think this is where Rachel’s skills, along with my own, are somewhat similar in that we want to help others think differently and learn a new perspective about what is possible in everyday life.

In our interview, Rachel says: “We are looking at, not just the technical tools that you need to be a leader but the emotional intelligence, the cultural intelligence, which is huge today, and really looking deep into, who am I being? How am I tuning up every day?

“If there’s stuff that is holding us back, what is it, so that we can start to work and explore that and now release that so we can move forward. I’m looking to complement versus compete, and I want us to complement in our own unique way to be leaders of nations, of communities.”

What Rachel says here touches home for me. It isn’t about the technical tools available to us, it is about finding your true inner-self and knowing your worth in life. Once you have achieved this, you will stand up in the world a better person and more importantly become a successful leader.

Change the conversation

If we look at conversations that we have, how do they reflect our being? Are we on the right path? Are we living the conversations we have? If you are hot professional thriving in business right now there is still always room to take yourself to the next level and between the work I do, along with what Rachel does it is clear how both our different approaches can help take your thriving life to the next level.

My top learning tips from my interview with Rachel:

  1. To lead effectively during challenging times, we need to take care of ourselves, physically, mentally, and emotionally each day.
  2. World leaders need to be coaches or they need to acquire coaching skills and techniques. To be an effective coach we need to coach ourselves or we need to be coached.
  3. Power questions that move you forward:
    • Who am I being? How am I showing up in the world?
    • For what purpose, do I need to achieve this?
    • What will I have when I have it?

It’s about finding your purpose in life and, to me, I think the same rules apply when it comes to leadership, whether you are a work from home Mother, work in a large corporation or even in social gatherings – everyone is a leader of some sort. Are you a leader in your field? If so, I would love to hear from you and about your successes.

One last thing Rachel said during our time together was: “By building that whole self-first and deciding what you are passionate about, then comes the business side.

“I absolutely believe through the right program also that we will build economic development in nations because we will be able to build businesses that are healthier, that are of service in a different way through the different leadership styles that really empower their organisations, their governments to be creative, to be innovative, and to build coaching cultures versus some, not all, that fear-based culture that I’ve seen in a lot of organisations, because we are just told what to do. But I believe that, that is the future of building coaching cultures, communities, and corporates so that our people can thrive and rise.”

It is simple to get involved in the RISE program. Either make contact via the website or email, or even connect with Rachel on Twitter (@RachelPetero).

If you want to listen to the interview with Rachel, you can download the podcast here (Podcast).

Or to learn new skills and techniques on how to be a better leader/coach in your field, get in touch with me now and book in for a free, no obligation, discovery call.

Together let’s go from surviving to thriving, and be hotter in business and healthier in life.

One conversation can truly change your life.

Nicole xo

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