Burnout, Nicole van Hattem

What to do if the world is crashing around you

It is a new day. You wake up feeling as bad as you did when you went to bed. Your back hurts, in fact, your whole body hurts. You wonder what is the point of going to bed at all.

You curse the experts telling you that a good night’s sleep is healing and restorative. Well … it’s not working for you.

It starts in the kitchen

You drag yourself to the kitchen. You look at your smoothie machine with scepticism and wariness. It looks back at you with an accusing eye – the gleam of the stainless steel unmarked by use. You think to yourself you really just don’t have the time to make a smoothie and it will probably taste awful anyway.

You grab a coffee on the way to work … this will be your first of six throughout a long, long, long day. You may not even get time to stop for lunch; snacking on a packet of chips from the vending machine, so handily close to your desk.

You finish work at a ridiculous hour, eat something that resembles food and then shower in the dark so you do not have to look at your poor unfit flabby body, then crawl into your bed to do it all again tomorrow.

Sounds like Groundhog Day

Sadly, so many people are living this type of life. Doing the same thing over and over and wondering why the world is crashing around them. And heading towards burnout.

It is time to stop. I know this sounds trite but you only get one life. While you have responsibilities to your family, your work or clients, you also have a responsibility to yourself.

Three pillars of sustainability

Here are my three pillars and the simple steps you can take when you feel like the world is crumbling around you and ending up in burnout.


I know everyone talks about mindset; there is a reason they do. It is important to get your head right so you can make changes that make life better for you. If your life is not going the way you planned it, change something. Start a gratitude journal, meditate before going to bed or getting up, commit to a smoothie every morning (join my 14-day Smoothie Challenge) or get yourself a health coach to guide you to better habits.


You wouldn’t feed your pet the wrong food, you wouldn’t put the wrong fuel in your car and you wouldn’t pour rubbish into the local creek, so why do you eat foods that do not give you sustained energy or improve your health? The best way to make food changes is to clean out your pantry and put the right things in it, or order ready-made meals (Google ‘healthy-ready-made meals’. There are heaps of people making fresh good quality food delivered to the door).


It may be time to redefine your definition of success. When Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich, he came up with a list of the 12 principles of what defines enduring riches and therefore success. I suggest you have a look at this list. Then put in order what you want your definition of success to be prioritised as.

A little self-care now is your recipe to avoid a future of aches, pains and a disastrous burn out.

If you are still stuck, then we need to talk. Book in here for a complimentary Holistic Coaching call.

One conversation could change your life.

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