Essential for Resilience – Rest, Recovery and Reflection

In life we often take a tough approach to resilience and grit and we believe the longer we tough it out, the tougher we are, and therefore the more successful we will be. And just because work stops, it doesn’t mean we are recovering.

Stopping does not equal recovering

We may close our laptops at 5pm every day but we still find ourselves answering work emails on our smart phones, we talk about work over dinner with our families and we spend the night thinking about how long our to do list is for the day ahead. However, this entire approach is wrong; by not allowing ourselves time to rest, recover and reflect, we are holding ourselves back from being resilient and successful.

Think of it this way… If we spend too much time in the performance zone, we need equally as much time in the recovery zone, otherwise we risk burnout.  So, if you really want to build resilience, you can start by simply just ‘stopping’.

The real key to resilience is to find ways to get mental rest and unplug daily, so you can resume work tougher than ever, ready to take on the world the next day.

Work-free zones

Remember, our brains need as much rest as our bodies so try setting aside “work-free zones” at home; don’t think about any challenges and instead listen to a podcast, watch a movie, read a novel, have a long conversation on the phone with your friend, take a yoga class or massage; or anything that allows you to switch off.

Recharge away from your desk

You can also make simple changes during work time that will allow you to turn off and recharge your mental energy throughout the day. Try eating lunch away from your desk or taking a walk instead of scrolling through the news on your phone.

Use technology to your benefit

Looking at our phones constantly has become the norm to most of us – perhaps it’s the fear we might miss out on something. Not only does this waste time, but we misdirect precious mental energy that could be better spent recharging or focusing on other important areas of our lives.

Try setting alarms on your phone to remind you to take mental breaks, and apps like Headspace offer 10-minute meditation sessions that can help you recharge and be more productive at work.

The bottom line

So, while all those working hours might feel empowering and productive, being mentally strong is actually about having the resilience to practice habits that will allow you to be happier and more successful at what you do going forward.

Plan your week

When it comes to organising your week, I’m sure it feels like the weeks fly by so quickly that you just can’t help but ask yourself, “what did I do last week?” Or, “where did the time go?”

Taking time to reflect can help us appreciate time just a little bit more. So, this week, I want you to come on a journey with me and take part in this exercise.

On Sunday, I want you to plan your week ahead and SCHEDULE some YOU time in your diary for some essential rest, recovery and reflection time.

It can be as simple as:

? Monday afternoon: open a meditation app and zone out for 10 minutes

? Tuesday night: go to bed 30 minutes earlier / have a bubble bath

? Wednesday: attend your favourite exercise group

? Thursday: Tune in to the Hot and Healthy podcast for one hour

? Friday: call a friend

? Saturday: meet a family member for coffee

? Sunday: go to the park, reflect on the week

What will you do this week to rest, recover, reflect? Share your comments in the thread and let’s hold each other accountable.

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