5 ways to avoid death by desk and be a thriving business owner

I was interviewed recently by Renee Hasseldine for her show and I shared quite a bit of gold.

“After experiencing burnout as a corporate high-flyer, Nicole went on her first retreat, returning to the workplace with a clear mind and renewed energy. After a close friend and colleague died suddenly of a heart attack at age 49, Nicole trained as a Holistic Health Coach, regained her own health, lost 17 kg and began her mission to end “Death by Desk”. Today, Nicole is sharing her top 5 tips for avoiding “death by desk” and becoming a thriving business owner.

In this episode, we discuss:
? Why entrepreneurs face burnout faster than corporate employees
? The importance of taking care of yourself for a successful business and thriving life
? Tips for getting up and moving your body regularly
? How to set boundaries in your business and your life
? How brief breaks during your day are very important for productivity
? Tips for doing a people audit and breaking up with people who are adding to your stress elegantly.
?Choosing a business style that’s in alignment with your ideal lifestyle
? and more

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Nicole xo