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7 Day Mobile Phone Detox!

Your mobile phone or “smart phone” is a powerfully useful tool that can make your life freer and provide conveniences that make it possible to juggle your many priorities in life.

However, it can also be a stress trap and addictive.

So this is your chance to do a little detoxing.

7 days to let go a little and get back in control of your device and your life.

Why you need a detox!

In the modern world mobile phones are such a big part of our lives that we basically consider them to be a fifth limb.

It has gotten to the point where we often become quite panicked if we accidentally leave our phone at home or the battery dies when we are out.

We forget that people have functioned in this world for thousands of years with only four limbs!

With technology becoming more and more part of our lives it isn’t possible to abandon mobile phones all-together, but we can certainly try to use them in a way that helps us rather than hurts us.

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