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5 easy ways to skip the coffee and get wired at work

On average, around 3.1 cups of coffee are consumed daily by office workers, people world-wide drink coffee or some form of caffeine to avoid the mid-afternoon energy slump. And, although caffeine is generally accepted as safe for consumption and recognised for its obvious well-known “perk me up power” benefits, there are some health disadvantages associated, […]

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Almond Milk

This is a cheap and easy alternative to Dairy Milk. Almond milk is the most nutritious of all the non dairy alternatives and packed with vitamin E. Ingredients: 2 cups of almonds soaked overnight 1 litre of water Raw agave nectar or yacon root syrup (optional) Method: 1. Drain and lightly rinse your almonds 2. […]

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Dairy The Great Debate

Even if you haven’t delved into the debate on whether or not cow milk is or isn’t health food for human beings, there’s a good chance that you’re curious about how to make alternatives. An easy to make, delicious, nutritious alternative to bovine breast juice, is almond milk. Try out my simple recipe for almond milk Nicole […]

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