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Your power plan to move away from burnout and into sustainable success.
Let’s get you fired up for success!

This program is right for you if

  • You have experienced overwhelm and confusion on how to create and sustain your best work and life balance
  • You want to look good and feel great and perform better for longer
  • You are committed to learning and implementing new strategies to think differently,
    eat differently and thrive not just survive in business life

After burning out myself at the top of my career after 20 years in the corporate world, I achieved board certification as a Holistic Health Coach, and know first hand what it takes to move from just surviving to thriving in business and life. I work with individuals and groups across the globe who are ready to create sustainable success and I’m passionate about making that a simple, enjoyable and transformative process.


I’ve really enjoyed all of our sessions and truly thank you for opening my life to abundant living. I know your help, advice, knowledge, and good positive outlook and encouragement (peppered with motivating stories and ways to visualize things) absolutely helped me get on successfully with my primary goal, when I first sought you out, of getting through my stress test; and then so much more.
David G Smith , Environmental Scientist
I am truly thankful for the opportunity to be coached by Nicole. She possesses a wealth of knowledge which she generously shares. I have made numerous changes that have positively impacted my holistic health and have had a flow on effect to my performance in my job and success within my career. I feel empowered and always ready for the next opportunity, I’m loving life!
Alexis Al Qassimi , Country Head of Human Resources, HSBC


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We are going to work together, you and I, through this highly personalised program that is tailor made to your circumstances and your business goals. Sessions are one-to-one, conducted in person or over Skype.

Get FIRED UP FOR SUCCESS is a six-step program:

Month 1

Discovery Session
2 x weekly sessions

Month 2

2 x fortnightly sessions

Month 3

1 x fortnightly sessions

Session 1 – Discovery Session
Discovery Session and 3 recommendations to take action on immediately.

Session 2 – Your Why
Tapping into deep motivations and getting crystal clear
on your personal vision, and putting in place tools and practices to power your mindset so that it pulls you towards your why.

Session 3 – Stress Less, Achieve More
How to enjoy the sweet life without the poison, foods for weight management, energy and busy lives. Cover natural ways to detox daily in mind, body and business.

Session 4 – Rituals for Sustainable Success
Daily rituals for success. Self-sustainability is essential for a sustainable career. Getting clear on what are the rituals, which ones are right for you and how you make them permanent habits.

Session 5 – Get Fired Up for Success!
Putting your plan together and creating momentum that gets results.

Session 6 – Celebrate Success
Review and closing off actions and accountabilities, celebrate successes and clarify next steps.

Since I started the sessions, I have lost 8 kilos, I am very interested in what I eat, I exercise regularly, I sleep well, have much more energy and the world is generally a much more interesting place.
Fraser Ross , Oil & Gas Industry Executive
I don’t think I’ll ever thank you enough for opening my eyes. I started this journey on my own, but thanks to you I have opened my eyes to so many things and gained so much quality of life. Thanks Nicole!
Anahi Brown , Oil & Gas Industry Executive

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