Holistic Business Success
You’ve got the passion, you’ve got the business and now is your time to get setup for success.
Define, create and implement a tailored roadmap for sustainable success in just 12 weeks.

This is the program that brings all the pieces of your passion to profit business together, so you can thrive!

The gaps in the foundation of your business can result in you wasting tens of thousands of dollars, years of your time and your potential to live your passion. Instead learn fast to identify and close the gaps with the right tools, techniques, time and money savers from an expert with nearly 30 years business experience.

  • Impactful and aligned personal branding.
  • Product and service packages that sell effortlessly.
  • Social media and marketing strategies that get your business noticed in a crowded market place.
  • Have a business that serves your clients, makes money and gives you freedom to fully live your passion.


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  1. Powerful clarity on your why, your vision and your purpose for your business and how you can use it to make an impact on the world
  2. Peace of mind that you are spending your time and money in the right areas of your business
  3. Branding, packaging and pricing your expertise, and creating an income generating funnel easily
  4. Identify and master the right social media platforms and marketing channels for your business to attract and retain your ideal clients and create a waiting list
  5. Overcoming shiny-object-syndrome, being super focused and in flow at the same time

Small group program – high accountability and extensive support.

  • Weekly sessions
  • Structured program
  • Expert guidance
  • Tailored to individual needs
  • Group accountability
  • Tools, tips, time and money savers
I have been working with Nicole as my business mentor for a few weeks now and after our first meeting, I walked away with a roadmap for my 1, 2 and 5 year plans, and since then have measurable goals which I am working towards. Nicole has helped me gain clarity on what I want to do and is helping me put processes in place to achieve sustainable success. I feel confident about the direction I’m going and love that I can follow my passion and turn it into profit!
Carol Whitehead Bouwer , Director, Farrago Creative
Nicole is my confidence booster. I used to think I didn’t bring much value to my business and that my development is limited. She helped me to see how worthy I am and how important is to dream big, and to create my vision. With every meeting I gain business tips and great ideas that I get to materialise in my own personal way to benefit my business. She is constantly helping me to stay focused and committed to my business without being pushy, and respecting my family boundaries and understanding my needs. Nicole is always fun to talk to and be around, recharging my aura. Nicole helped me to see the great potential of myself and my business and to turn my passion into profit.
Daniela Serban Atieh , Mum of 2 and owner of Energy Wellness Beauty

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