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You can have it all without burning out!

Combining 30 years of business experience with health coaching qualifications, I'll give you the strategies to enjoy greater success with less stress.

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Having overcome burnout several times myself, I combine three decades of business experience with professional health coaching qualifications, to guide you through expert strategies that will help you build resilience, avoid burnout and enjoy greater success with less stress.

There are a couple of ways you can work with me.

We can work together one on one or you can join the group coaching program.

Both will take you from Death by Desk to Hot & Healthy through learning and implementing the 3 pillars and 5 essential elements of holistic success that result in a life well lived.

Let's work out which pathway is best for you.

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Samantha Ford

Nicole is a fantastic health coach with great ideas that are flexible enough to incorporate into anyone's lifestyle.

I have achieved sustainable results from incorporating small changes and the 14 day smoothie challenge has become a daily ritual for me. I love Nicole's enthusiasm and her energy is contagious - get hot and healthy with this fab woman.

Samantha Ford

Renee Bailey

Nicole has been working with me as my coach helping me to get my balance back and teaching me how to care for myself. Her no nonsense approach makes it easy to do things in a simple, one step at a time way. I was overwhelmed by everything I had going on and what I had to do but Nicole has made me slow down and take baby steps in the right direction. It has been life changing and I would highly recommend her to all women out there that are burnt out and sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Renee Bailey

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