Nicole is on a mission to end the epidemic of Death by Desk

Combining three decades in business with board certification as a Holistic Health Coach, Nicole’s engaging way of delivering wellness information, underpinned by her realness and charm, results in tangible increases in employee engagement levels, individual performance, and positive culture change.

After burning out herself in the corporate world as a high-flying executive and again in private practice, Nicole is on a mission to change the way women work and live. She is trail blazing the way forward in creating long term, sustainable success and teaching individuals and employees how to thrive and not just survive.

Through her powerful wellness talks, podcast and TV programs, coaching and consulting, Nicole shares the information, tools and techniques that enable employees to naturally perform better for longer.

Nicole’s most sought after speaker topic is based on her TEDx talk

Resilience – The art of bouncing forward from setbacks

Successful women embrace a positive mindset and an optimistic approach to achieving their goals, from the start of their career and throughout. Setbacks are inevitable and with them come the opportunity to either bounce forward or fall back.

– Using experience as a springboard for future success
– Building resilience in your personal and professional life
– Cultivating an adaptive mindset

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