Ladies it's time you had time to breathe, take care of yourself, think about your vision for your life and get back on track with your business goals.

After just a couple of days on retreat you will be re-balanced and energised for the busy months ahead.

Noosa Retreat with Nicole van Hattem

Guided by our experts, in a stunning eco inspired luxury holiday retreat in Noosa, over 4 days and 3 nights enjoy workshops on:

  • redefining success and creating a personal and professional vision that inspires and motivates you
  • how to set up an empowered mindset and techniques to clear head trash easily so you can enjoy mental clarity, focus and inner calm
  • yoga and massage to let go of stress, bring flexibility, mobility, joy and restful sleep
  • Angle Double Left
    self care tools to support you to be flexible, aid digestion and weight loss, bring energy and vitality
  • easy to adopt strategies that stop money slipping through your fingers, manage personal finances and build financial security
  • food classes that are fun, and simple delicious recipes that nourish and energise you (suitable for all food styles)
  • time management tools to free you from distractions and time wasting activities so you have the freedom to enjoy what is most important to you and help you to achieve your business goals
  • Angle Double Left
    simple, powerful success strategies that help you build resilience in your personal and business life

There are only 17 spaces left on this retreat.

Price for 4 days, 3 nights, begins at only $990* and includes all meals and accommodation, all workshops and classes, workbooks and handouts.

Take the time to relax, reconnect, refocus and be re-energised.

Your Expert Retreat Facilitators are

Nicole van Hattem

Nicole van Hattem, CHHC. Holistic Health & Success Coach, TEDx Speaker, 3 x Bestselling Author. Nicole has a background in Human Resources and leadership development, is a board certfified Holistic Health Coach and has designed and delivered retreats in Australia, Thailand and the Middle East.

Sue Lester

Sue Lester
specialises in clearing "head trash" and is Australia's leading expert in optimising unconscious blueprints. A catalyst of change, working with Sue leaves individuals, teams and audiences across the globe feeling successful inside too. Sue is the author of "The Face Within - How to Change Your Unconscious Blueprint", and "Answering the Call to Adventure".

Melissa Meagher

Melissa Meagher
has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, working previously as a financial planner, stockbroker and seminar delivery specialist. Melissa's coaching practices is called "Talking Money" and she creates a safe space to have real conversations about your money and she is passionate about getting the message out there “that it is ok, to not be ok with your money….and guess what you are not alone!!”

Renee Bailey

Renee Bailey
is a certified permaculture design consultant, an interim representative council member for Permaculture Australia and a committee member for Northey Street City Farm. Renee is also the founder of Home Grown - gourmet havest gardens and has been running her own gardening business (Green Machine) for over 10 years.

*Single shared room all inclusive price is $990, including the non-refundable deposit.>>Note: $190 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking to secure your spaceOnce you have paid your deposit, we will contact you to confirm which type of accommodation you require to calculate the final price. Final payments to be made by 15th October 2018.