Balls of Energy – eBook


Balls of energy – Recipes for success from the Hot and Healthy Show.

Bounce out of bed, get playful in the kitchen and be energised to juggle life’s priorities with ease.


Get your hands on our Balls of Energy. They are in every shape, size, colour, texture, and flavour.
Some are cooked, some are raw, some are paleo, some are vegan, some are easy to handle and some need a delicate touch. There’s a ball recipe in here to suit everyone.

Along with each recipe you will find success tips from the guest on the show and a link to their episode on the Hot and Healthy podcast or TV. There is a little information about what they do and what they offer, with links to how you can contact each one of them. When you reach out to them, let them know how you are enjoying their balls.

Our balls are beautiful. The food photography is of such high quality that your mouth will water just looking at them and you will want to get in the kitchen and play with the recipes and share them with others.


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