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Set up for Success

You’ve got the passion, you’ve got the business now let’s get you setup for success.
6 step process to turn your business idea into an inspired, practical, structured roadmap to profit and sustainable success.

This program is right for you if

  • You’ve got a great business idea. In fact you’ve got a wealth of ideas but you don’t know where to start to get your business going, and you don’t want to make costly mistakes.
  • You started your location independent business, but you are overwhelmed by the training required to run your business, the marketing challenges, the social media platforms, the different paths you could take and you are bouncing from one shiny object to the next
  • You’ve got a business going, you’re working really hard but it just isn’t achieving the results that you expected, you’re losing your passion for this project and you are running out of time to make it work

Get set up for success

I spent over 20 years in the corporate world, working in senior positions in a number of industries across the globe. I’ve also built 3 of my own businesses in partnerships and as a solopreneur. I’ve done what works in business and I’ve also made some very costly mistakes including experiencing burnout twice because I didn’t use a coach to guide me. I now have a successful and sustainable global business that is in alignment with my passions, my skills and my life’s purpose and one that has me energized to jump out of bed every morning to empower you and others like you.

When you are a new business owner and excited to move your business forward you need an inspired but practical and structured roadmap to success. A map that will have you avoiding the pitfalls, the detours, overwhelm, lost time and money. A plan that is simple but as unique as you are and that supports your lifestyle, goals, passions and purpose. Supported by someone who has been there, done that and knows what WORKS.

Get set up for success now and be supported by someone who has been there, done that and knows what doesn’t and does work!





Nicole is my confidence booster. I used to think I didn’t bring much value to my business and that my development is limited. She helped me to see how worthy I am and how important is to dream big, and to create my vision. With every meeting I gain business tips and great ideas that I get to materialise in my own personal way to benefit my business. She is constantly helping me to stay focused and committed to my business without being pushy, and respecting my family boundaries and understanding my needs. Nicole is always fun to talk to and be around, recharging my aura. Nicole helped me to see the great potential of myself and my business and to turn my passion into profit.
Daniela Serban Atieh , Mum of 2 and owner of Energy Wellness Beauty


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We are going to work together, you and I, through this highly personalised program that is tailor made to your circumstances and your business goals. The program is as unique as you are and will broadly follow the program guidelines below. These are regular sessions, one to one, and you will have full access to me between sessions.

Getting Set Up for Success is a six-step program:

Step 1 – Your Why!
Tapping into deep motivations and getting crystal clear on why you are in business, what problems you solve, who you serve and putting in place tools and practices to power your mindset so that it pulls you towards your why.

Step 2 – Defining you and your business
Clarifying who do you need to be, what do you need to learn, what resources you need to tap into, what you need to focus on and by when do you need to have what done.

Step 3 – Set up your business for Success
Setting up the business structure, the back office administration, your foundation, your time management, planning, measuring, reviewing your effectiveness, celebrating and rewarding.

Step 4 – Rituals for Sustainable Success
Daily rituals for success. Self-sustainability is essential for a sustainable business. Getting clear on what are the rituals, which ones are right for you and how do you make them permanent habits.

Step 5 – Marketing YOU
Your image and marketing your business. How do you get your business out there, effectively use social media platforms, Linkedin, networking, what not to waste time on where to focus your energy so you turn followers into customers. What are your key messages and what are the right strategies for you and your business.

Step 6 – Momentum
Putting power behind your passion business and keeping the fire burning. When to recalibrate and realign. When to ask for help, who to ask, how much to pay and why. Rewarding yourself.

Your potential is unlimited.
You’ve got what it takes to make your dreams a reality. Now you are ready to turn your passion into profit.  Get set up for success now.

I have been working with Nicole as my business mentor for a few weeks now and after our first meeting, I walked away with a roadmap for my 1, 2 and 5 year plans, and since then have measurable goals which I am working towards. Nicole has helped me gain clarity on what I want to do and is helping me put processes in place to achieve sustainable success. I feel confident about the direction I’m going and love that I can follow my passion and turn it into profit!
Carol Whitehead Bouwer , Director at Farrago Creative

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Let’s get started…


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From time to time I offer a 2 day intensive retreats. These are small private retreats that cover the 6 steps and have you set up for success in just a few days. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter #ThinkEatThrive to receive advance notice of when dates are made available.

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