Spotlight coaching

You have knowledge and expertise, a product or service and you are ready to share with your target audience by stepping into the spotlight.

But hold on. Are you ready?

Pre-recorded videos provide time for editing and fixing errors in presentation and even content. Mistakes can be fixed.

But are you ready for that last minute call to go in front of a live audience on stage, TV, Radio, Podcast or even Facebook live?

This is not the time to wing-it. You're a professional and you want to come across as one.

You say yes to this great opportunity but suddenly the nerves get the better of you and you are finding it hard to think or even breathe! (I know how this feels - I was given just a few hours notice to prepare myself for my first live on air interview in front of a TV audience of 50 million people! and then there was my TEDx talk!)

You have one chance to get it right. One chance to reach engage your target audience, build credibility and even make a sale. You want to get it right.You have one chance.

Key to success in the moment is preparation in advance and my Step into the Spotlight coaching will have you ready to step up with confidence.

step into the spotlight

Find your voice

Techniques to create inner calm and mental clarity to present on any platform (live interview on TV, radio, online and in print) at a moment's notice.

Craft your story

A well crafted personal and professional story that reaches your target audience.

Present with Impact

What to wear (and not to wear), what to say (and not to say), how to interact with the camera and the host.

Engage your audience

Reach hearts and minds of your audience to build know, like and trust.

Elevate your profile

Maximise your media exposure through repurposed content for greater impact.

Master Collaboration

Leverage your position in the spotlight to collaborate for greater influence.