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Resilience – the ability to overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities

Resilience is a term that applies to materials that have the capacity to return to their original shape after being bent or stretched. Over time, however, we have come to apply the term to people. People who have the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, defeat, or other kinds of adversity and even become […]

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5 easy ways to skip the coffee and get wired at work

On average, around 3.1 cups of coffee are consumed daily by office workers, people world-wide drink coffee or some form of caffeine to avoid the mid-afternoon energy slump. And, although caffeine is generally accepted as safe for consumption and recognised for its obvious well-known “perk me up power” benefits, there are some health disadvantages associated, […]

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Maca Pistach Bliss Balls

3/4 cup raw cashews 1/4 cup raw pistachios – shelled (or alternative nut of choice e.g.: macadamia nuts) 12 medjool dates – pitted 1/4  cup shredded coconut, unsweetened 2 teaspoons maca powder (this has a distinct flavour and if you are just starting out using it then make sure these are level teaspoons and not […]

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