Nicole van Hattem - Vibrant Women


Many women in business who are striving to juggle competing priorities, take care of business and their families, often feel as if


  • everyone else has it “all figured out”
  • they are the only ones struggling with overwhelm
  • they have no time for themselves and feel alone


Well join the club.
The club of Vibrant Women.


So that you know that it’s the right choice for you, you are welcome to enter the Member’s Lounge as my guest for a whole month.

The Vibrant Women Member’s Lounge is where we come together as an online community, for coaching and accountability.

There are:

  • monthly themes around mindset and success
  • webinars with experts
  • tools and templates to get you on track and keep you on track with your health and wealth goals
  • recipes, food tips and motivating ways to move to keep you looking good and feeling great.

Vibrant Women Community Guest Entry


Enter the Vibrant Women Community here


You’ll discover you are not alone and get your hands on the simple strategies to take you from tired, overwhelmed and weight gain to energy, joy and hot and healthy.