Vibrant Women Succeed more
Vibrant women succeed more

A six step power plan to elevate your thinking, upgrade your nutrition and unlimit your potential

This program is right for you if

  • you want more energy, vitality and clarity in your life and business
  • you are ready to let go of overwhelm, sleepless nights, weight issues and make stress your friend
  • you want to thrive in the 9-5 or be fit and fabulous to make Plan B a success

Vibrant women succeed more


I started seeing Nicole to get a better grip on my life and care more about my health and well-being. She guided me through a range of challenges and while I may still be on my journey, I’ve come a long way. I’ve changed some old bad habits into good habits and I care more about what I put into my body. I appreciated her guidance and follow-through – especially when I changed countries before I had finished my appointments with her. What weight I’ve lost will stay off…. and there’s more I know I’ll lose. I’m happier in myself and look forward to continuing on that journey.
Gill W – Canada , University Librarian
I have been working with Nicole as my business mentor for a few weeks now and after our first meeting, I walked away with a roadmap for my 1, 2 and 5 year plans, and since then have measurable goals which I am working towards. Nicole has helped me gain clarity on what I want to do and is helping me put processes in place to achieve sustainable success. I feel confident about the direction I’m going and love that I can follow my passion and turn it into profit!
Carol Whitehead Bouwer , Director, Farrago Creative
Nicole is my confidence booster. I used to think I didn’t bring much value to my business and that my development is limited. She helped me to see how worthy I am and how important is to dream big, and to create my vision. With every meeting I gain business tips and great ideas that I get to materialise in my own personal way to benefit my business. She is constantly helping me to stay focused and committed to my business without being pushy, and respecting my family boundaries and understanding my needs. Nicole is always fun to talk to and be around, recharging my aura. Nicole helped me to see the great potential of myself and my business and to turn my passion into profit.
Daniela Serban Atieh , Mum of 2 and owner of Energy Wellness Beauty

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We are going to work together, you and I, through this highly personalised program that is tailor made to your needs and your circumstances. The program is as unique as you are and will broadly follow the program guidelines below. These are weekly sessions, one to one, and you will have full access to me between sessions.

Vibrant Women Succeed More is a six-step power plan over 8 weeks:

Week 1 – Discover Your Potential
– Discovery Session and 3 recommendations to take action on immediately.

Week 2 – Roadmap to Success
– Review actions, create personalised roadmap and cover foods for weight loss, energy and busy lives – includes resources, actions and accountability

Week 3 – The Sweet Life
– Review actions, successes and challenges, and cover how to enjoy the sweet life without the poison – includes resources, actions and accountability

Week 4- Life Detox
– Review actions, successes and challenges, and cover natural ways to detox daily in mind, body, home and business – includes resources, actions and accountability

Week 5 – Turning up the Vibrancy
– Review actions, successes and challenges, and cover daily rituals to empower every woman to be her most vibrant and authentic self – includes resources, actions and accountability

Week 6 – Vision Creation
– Review actions, successes and challenges, and create a vision board and goal map based on clarity, simplicity, and a power filled life of health and success – includes resources, actions and accountability

Week 7 – Stress Less, Enjoy More
– Review actions, successes and challenges – Stress Less – Enjoy More – techniques to transform your thoughts, lift your vibration and power shift your mood – includes resources, actions and accountability

Week 8 – Celebrate the New You
– Review and closing off actions and accountabilities, celebrate successes and clarify next steps

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Let’s get started…

(when you join the Vibrant Women Succeed More, Set Up for Success or Fired up programs, the Discovery Session fee will be deducted from the program costs)

From time to time I offer a 2 day intensive retreats. These are small private retreats that cover the 6 step power plan and that will have you more vibrant than you can image in just a few days. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter #ThinkEatThrive to receive advance notice of when dates are made available.

Nicole’s coaching has helped me let go of my past, forgive and free myself of all of the ‘old me’. I look and feel much better and I get compliments nowadays; the best one was, ‘you are beyond transformed, you are glowing.
Elaine S – Lebanon , Coach


I don’t think I’ll ever thank you enough for opening my eyes. I started this journey on my own, but thanks to you I have opened my eyes to so many things and gained so much quality of life. Thanks Nicole!
Ms A O – Venezuela , Oil & Gas Industry Executive