About Nicole van Hattem


About Nicole

Nicole van Hattem is the host of ‘Hot and Healthy’ podcast, bestselling author, TEDx speaker and sought after international wellness speaker.

Driven by her mission to save 1 million people from ‘death by desk’, she is trailblazing the way forward in creating long term, sustainable success and teaching employees and business owners how to thrive and not just survive in the workplace.

As a highflying corporate executive, (between London, Australia and the Middle East), Nicole’s successful, glamorous and fast paced life, (including receiving a Chief Of Defence Force Commendation for her civilian service to the Australian Defence Force from General Sir Peter Cosgrove), whilst exciting from the outside, was slowly wreaking havoc on her health, her spirit and her body.

She hit the wall full throttle. Her life and health were in tatters and all of the business successes and rewards she had received to date seemed meaningless. She made the tough decision to ‘save herself’ before she completely burned out.

This was a pivotal moment in Nicole’s life. She escaped from her desk to a detox retreat in Thailand where she discovered a whole new world of wellness that she hadn’t previously known existed.

Refreshed and invigorated she returned to work, eager to share her ‘awakening’ with her boss and mentor. He was too busy and didn’t have time to discuss this in detail over the phone, instead, scheduling time to meet with her the next day.

That was the last time they spoke.

By morning, he was dead; taken by a heart attack at 49.

Heartbroken yet fiercely determined, Nicole committed herself to helping others to avoid the death trap she had narrowly escaped and that her boss had fallen victim to. The conversation she wanted to have with him, she is now having with everyone she meets, (she has reached more than 100,000 people to date and is building momentum fast), sharing the powerful practices that make success sustainable.

Reinventing herself, Nicole secured board certification as a Holistic Health Coach and Master NLP practitioner, launched a successful international coaching practice, co-authored three best-selling books, and created the hugely popular show Hot and Healthy.

A regular in the media, Nicole has been featured on Al Jazeera TV, in Holistic Bliss, Woman Today and a wealth of online publications. Her engaging way of delivering information, underpinned by her realness and charm, finds her an in demand speaker. Nicole is a natural storyteller; her unique blend of corporate head and wellness heart commands attention. She has spoken for TEDx, Australian Institute of Management, and a range of industry organisations and conferences across the globe.

Driven by her mission to empower people with the mindset and natural energy to thrive, not just survive the 9-5, Nicole believes sustainability in business and life is about embracing the personal responsibility to consciously create a holistically successful life, and that now is the time to end the epidemic of ‘death by desk’.

Nicole’s company “Hot & Healthy Business Life” delivers the techniques and tools to create holistic success through her talks, personalised private and group coaching programs, corporate podcasting and wellness content, and the Hot and Healthy show.

Contact Nicole

Nicole van Hattem CHHC

Holistic Coach for Women in Business | Host of Hot & Healthy Business Life | TEDx Speaker | Bestselling Author
  • Over 20 years corporate experience in Human Resources and leadership development across industry sectors, Australia, UK and Middle East
  • Multi-passionate successful wellness entrepreneur
  • Thought leader in corporate wellness and sustainable success
  • Host of hugely successful show Hot & Healthy with Nicole van Hattem
  • Multiple best selling author
  • Master in Human Resources & Organisational Development (Southern Cross University – ongoing)
  • Master NLP Practitioner & Coach (Society of NLP)
  • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)
  • Executive, Performance, Leadership and Personal Coaching Certification (Empower World)
  • Raw Foods Teacher and Detox Advisor
  • University Certificate in Foreign Affairs and Trade (Deakin University)

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