After 20 years and experiencing burnout as a corporate high-flyer, I trained as a Holistic Health Coach, and began my mission to end “Death by Desk”.

With over 8 years as a Small Business Owner and as a Holistic Success Coach I understand what it takes to not only start and grow a successful small business, but to also sustain the business and ensure you as the business owner burns bright not out!

My coaching programs are tailored to suit your unique set of circumstances and the outcomes most desired by you. As a guide, I will coach you through a process that takes you from struggling to juggle all your priorities and at risk of burnout to a state of balance in life and work, where you can be sustainably successful.

8 Steps to Vibrancy
Samantha Ford

Nicole is a fantastic health coach with great ideas that are flexible enough to incorporate into anyone's lifestyle.

I have achieved sustainable results from incorporating small changes and the 14 day smoothie challenge has become a daily ritual for me. I love Nicole's enthusiasm and her energy is contagious - get hot and healthy with this fab woman.

Samantha Ford

Renee Bailey

Nicole has been working with me as my coach helping me to get my balance back and teaching me how to care for myself. Her no nonsense approach makes it easy to do things in a simple, one step at a time way. I was overwhelmed by everything I had going on and what I had to do but Nicole has made me slow down and take baby steps in the right direction. It has been life changing and I would highly recommend her to all women out there that are burnt out and sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Renee Bailey


discover your potential

Fast Results Session

roadmap to success

Personalised Roadmap for Energy, Mental Clarity and Weight Loss

the sweet life

Sugar, Additives, Food Management Strategies and Tools

Life Detox

Mind, Body, Home and Kitchen

Turning up the Vibrancy

Daily Rituals Deepened

Vision Clarity

Vision, Goals, Powerful Visualisation Techniques

Stress Less/ enjoy more

Cognitive Restructuring to Transform Thoughts, Vibration, Mood

celebrate the new you

Progress Clarity, Vision and Review the New You

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