Nicole is on a mission to end the epidemic of Death by Desk

Combining over 20 years in the corporate world with board certification as a Holistic Health Coach, Nicole’s engaging way of delivering workplace wellness information, underpinned by her realness and charm, results in tangible increases in employee engagement levels, individual performance, and positive culture change.

After burning out herself in the corporate world as a high-flying executive, Nicole is on a mission to change the way we live at work. She is trail blazing the way forward in creating long term, sustainable success and teaching employees how to thrive and not just survive.

Through her powerful wellness talks, podcast and TV programs, coaching and consulting, Nicole shares the information, tools and techniques that enable employees to naturally perform better for longer.

To fire up your employees, Nicole delivers

Key notes as a one-off talk for up to 2 hours, as part of a 1 day retreat or as part of an ongoing master class series that provides extra accountability to your employees.

Nicole’s most sought after speaker topic is based on her TEDx talk

“5 to Thrive in the 9-5’

(5 simple powerful techniques to feel better and perform better at work for longer).

This talk aims to;

  • Inspire employees to take personal responsibility for change
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase employee engagement scores and productivity

Other speaker topics

  • “Creating Sustainable Success”
  • “Detox, Cleanse, PowerUp”
  • Tailor made key note talks that align with your company wellness objectives
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Hot and Healthy - Balls of Energy

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Hot & Healthy with Nicole van Hattem

Know what it takes to be hot and healthy in this fast paced modern world. Join me as I take you to meet the people and practices behind today’s integrative approach to health and success so you can Think Eat Thrive. Hot & Healthy is an inspiring and informative look at holistic health and success from all angles. No topic is off limits on this show!


TV –  Al Jazeera TV interview and SnapTV episodes

My first experience being interviewed live on TV. Al Jazeera English was covering a story on the increasing stress levels and overtime hours of workers as a result of company mobile phones being supplied to employees.
I was invited onto the news show as an expert on workplace wellness to give my opinion on the topic. Al Jazeera TV has over 53,000,000 viewers! I know my message about freedom to choose work styles and the advantages of mobile technology in creating work-life-balance got out there.



Sharing my story of slow death behind the desk and the 5 simple tips that you can use to thrive instead of just survive in the 9-5. TED Talks are being viewed at a rate of 1.5 million times a day — which means that a new viewing commences 17 times a second and that rate is increasing daily.


Hot and Healthy

Tune in to the people and practices that will show you how to live holistically healthy and sustainably successful.

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