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Tune in to the people and practices that will ignite your spark, light your fire and have you living a Hot and Healthy life.

Resilience Strategist for Women in Business, Bestselling Author, Nicole van Hattem takes you to meet the people and practices behind today’s integrative approach to living a hot and healthy life. It’s an inspiring and informative look at holistic health and sustainable success from all angles, and you’ll discover the people and practices that have helped millions of people to be holistically healthy and sustainably successful.

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Margarita Zuniga, a Qatari biker and former head of Ladies of Harley (LoH) group, has long been associated with charity work besides raising awareness of important health issues such as dangers of cancer in Qatar. Margarita shares her thoughts on key issues in this episode of Hot & Healthy with Nicole van Hattem.

Founder of 2B Nourished, Kim Walker is a Co-Active Health Coach, combining +20 year’s corporate career with certified training from the elite coach training school Coaches Training Institute, a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and holds a professional diploma in Nutritional Studies. Based on her own health issues and passion for healthy living Kim is unique in her approach; working with busy professionals and families, who are looking to improve their health, reduce stress and prevent disease through inspiring and empowering them to get more out of all areas their life through self discovery, awareness and choice.

Ghanim AlSulaiti, is a young Qatari passionate about creating a positive impact in the society by promoting a plant based lifestyle, the excitement of exploring new travel destinations, fitness and different cultures including my own in Qatar. And beside being an engineer, a traveler and a fitness enthusiast, he is also a co-founder at Evergreen Organics Cafe, the first 100% vegan cafe in Qatar.

Fran is a Certified Health Coach and Wellness Expert specialising in holistic health. Using clean eating and lifestyle techniques, Fran works with her clients to balance hormones, boost the immune system, manage weight and rediscover lost energy. A confirmed foodie, her business, Prϋv Wellness, is all about achieving optimum health and happiness through the preparing and sharing of great food. You can find out more about Fran and her wellness programmes, as well as some more exciting plant-based, wholefood recipes, by visiting her website: 

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Hot & Healthy Tips

Get a fresh perspective on sugar. How can your one can of soda or sweetened beverage each day contribute to your state of ill-health and weight challenge? Are you drinking yourself fat? Drinking sugar contributes to weight gain and a long list of health complaints. Rethink your drink – are you drinking yourself fat and sick?

It’s one of my all time favourite quick healthy delicious tips for filling your body with fast energy, healing and cleansing. Find out how quick and easy they are to make.

Sick of cow milk? This is how to make an easy, delicious, nutritious alternative to cow milk, that will give you health and energy, without the hormones, antibiotics and pus that can be a part of drinking bovine breast juice.

Here’s a different way to look at sugar. There are so many things that we do in our day to day lives that we never really question, however some of them are worth looking at, thinking about differently and stopping. Sugar is one of them.

You can have your chocolate fix and your health too. Living a busy life takes energy and this is one of my favourite fast energy treats, that are easy to make, delicious, you can make them in bulk, they travel well and your work colleagues will be impressed, and the kids love to make them.

For all those interested in the grassroots/national health strategy feature Emily Alp wrote for Qatar Happening.


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